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Aqara Light Strip T1Aqara Light Strip T1

Innovative, Versatile, and Packed with Features

Aqara, a prominent player in the smart home industry, has unveiled its latest innovation: the LED Strip T1. Leveraging the power of the Zigbee protocol, this cutting-edge light strip brings a range of features designed to enhance both convenience and sustainability in the smart home ecosystem.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient:

Built upon the Zigbee protocol, the LED Strip T1 is excellent in terms of power consumption. With lower idle power consumption compared to Wi-Fi-based alternatives, it not only saves energy but also contributes to cost-efficiency. But that’s not all – this smart light strip also serves as a Zigbee network repeater, bolstering network reliability and responsiveness for seamless smart home experiences.

Seamless Integration and Control:

The LED Strip T1 seamlessly integrates with the Aqara Hub M2, extending its capabilities beyond the ordinary. Compatible with the emerging IoT standard, Matter, as well as popular platforms like Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT, this light strip provides unparalleled control with major voice assistants enabling easy, hands-free manegement.

Aqara T1 LED Strip

Customisation at Its Best:

Flexibility is the hallmark of the LED Strip T1. Spanning 2 meters in length, it’s expandable using the 1-meter Extension Kit to a maximum length of 10 meters. At 20-centimetre intervals, the light strip is customisable to suit various spaces. Plus, it’s not just about length – the RGB effects are independently addressable, displaying up to 10 different colours with dimming and other captivating effects.

The cut or unused part of the lightstrip can also be reattached to a separate Aqara LED lightstrip using extra standard 5-core ribbon cables and 5-pin connectors.

Smart Scenes and Beyond:

Imagine enhancing your home’s security alert system with the LED Strip T1’s dynamic colour options. Different colours and effects could signify whether your security is armed or warn of any potential threats. Personalised home scenes come alive as well, such as an inviting evening ambiance or a cinematic setting for movie nights. Thanks to a recent Aqara Home app update, scenes can now be synced to HomeKit, allowing seamless control across third-party apps like Apple Home, Alexa, and Google Home.

Innovative Features:

  • Manual Controller: A physical controller simplifies operations, enabling users to switch modes and activate music sync without resorting to mobile apps.
  • Local Music Sync: Enjoy music-synced lighting without relying on a mobile device.
  • Circadian Lighting: Adaptive Lighting in Apple Home and customised circadian lighting schemes via Aqara Home automation.
  • Outdoor-Friendly: With an IP44 rating, the LED Strip T1 withstands dust and moisture, expanding its possibilities to outdoor scenarios.

In the world of smart lighting, the Aqara LED Strip T1 is a formidable contender, offering energy efficiency, versatility, and a spectrum of customisable experiences. It’s a step forward in creating a holistic smart home environment that adapts to your needs and preferences, all while being a responsible and eco-conscious addition.

For more information and to explore the endless possibilities of the LED Strip T1, visit the official Aqara UK website and discover the world of smart home innovation.

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