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Automatic Lawn Mower the Ongoing Evolution

Ambrogio Robot Automatic Lawn Mower

Ambrogio robot is the automatic lawnmower that takes care of every type of lawn in complete autonomy and total safety. The ideal solution for those who want to improve the grass in their garden and take back their free time; perfect for those who seek excellence in grass cutting, respect for the environment, professional efficiency and technological innovation.

Ambrogio robot is the perfect day-to-day ally for managing any green area: from small residential gardens, simple or complex, to large green spaces. With the robot’s Mulching cut, the lawn becomes healthy, thick and less hungry for fertiliser and, above all, there is no need to think about disposing of the grass. Ambrogio robot is a Made in Italy product: brushless motors, lithium batteries, strong and reliable materials to last over time and with a beautiful and neat design, to offer high performance on a wide range of lawns.

Ambrogio robot speaks the language of the future, simplifying our lives: it gives us the time and freedom to fully enjoy the garden and life in the open air, even if we are far from home. Thanks to the new Smart Technologies from ZCS, you can control and manage the robot wherever you are and interact with voice assistants.

The latest generation of Ambrogio robot mowers is also equipped with artificial intelligence with intelligent sensors and radar that allow the robot to recognise the area to mow with fixed and mobile obstacles in the garden, without using the perimeter wire.
Ambrogio robots are safe, environment and pet friendly. They work at a safe distance from the pet until the blade is switched off. With the addition of the ZDefence* system, which uses a 100% natural biorepellent, your garden will also always be free of mosquitoes.