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Matter with Home Assistant

Home Assistant, the open-source home automation platform, has just announced its integration with the Matter standard. With the latest release of Home Assistant users can now add Matter products to their smart homes and use them in automations.

The integration is still in beta status, meaning that it’s not yet recommended for use in a productive smart home environment. However, this is an exciting development for Home Assistant users who are keen to experiment with the Matter standard.

At launch, the supported device classes are limited to lamps, switches, and sensors. However, the developers are working to expand the range of supported devices in future updates. For now, users can use the official companion app of Home Assistant to add Matter products to their installations.

The integration of Matter into Home Assistant is expected to bring greater convenience and flexibility to smart home automation. Matter is designed to be a local smart home standard that can operate across different ecosystems and brands, making it easier for users to control their smart devices with a single unified platform.

The beta version of the Matter integration is already available for testing in the system settings of Home Assistant. The Android version of the companion app is in beta stage, with the iOS version expected to follow in the coming weeks.

While the integration is still in development, it’s an exciting step towards a more connected and convenient smart home experience. Home Assistant users who are eager to experiment with the Matter standard can now do so with the beta version of the integration, and look forward to future updates as development progresses.

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