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Speed Comfort’s Energy Efficient Radiator Fans

Speed Comfort FansSpeed Comfort Fans

Reduce your energy bills with this incredibly simple gadget. A fan that attaches to the base of your radiator.

Smart radiator ventilators from SpeedComfort can help increase the efficiency of heating system – whatever system feeds your radiators or convector heaters.

The SpeedComfort products not only decrease energy usage but also help increase comfort in the home by moving heat from the radiator into the room more quickly & efficiently. The SpeedComfort smart radiator ventilators move heat from the radiator into the air, and so there is less residual heat in the radiator when the room is at your desired temperature. This results in a more even temperature across the whole room – not just focused around the radiator itself. Normally, as warm air rises it usually remains close to the ceiling, but with SpeedComfort, the warm air is distributed throughout the whole room more effectively.

SpeedComfort helps contribute to significantly saving money on your energy bills. This is because of several smart properties – for example SpeedComfort results in a lower supply temperature required from the central heating water, which saves gas and money. By using a lower temperature of the central heating water means less heat loss in pipes. Also, thanks to the SpeedComfort, the room is also brought to your required temperature faster, meaning the boiler does not need to run for so long.