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Aqara Teases New Product Launch

Aqara New ProductsAqara New Products

In a recent tweet, Aqara has announced that they’re about to launch a new product on the 23rd of March that promises to revolutionize home security. Along with the tweet, the company has also shared a picture of a 24/7 local recording image, hinting at what could be the much-awaited G4 Doorbell.

Originally announced at CES 2023 in Vegas, the G4 Doorbell is expected to come with 24/7 local recording capabilities, in addition to local recording, the G4 Doorbell is also expected to come with advanced motion detection and AI facial recognition capabilities. This will enable homeowners to receive alerts on their smartphones or other devices when someone is at the door, and they’ll be able to identify who’s there even before answering.

Aqara’s commitment to innovation and quality has earned them a reputation for delivering high-quality and reliable smart home devices. And with the G4 Doorbell launch, they’re sure to strengthen their position as a leading provider of smart home security solutions.

The G4 Doorbell will be an excellent addition to Aqara’s current lineup of smart home devices, which includes everything from motion sensors and door/window sensors to smart switches and cameras. It’s a product that’s been long-awaited and anticipated by many, and it’s sure to exceed expectations.

We’re excited to see what Aqara has in store for us on the 23rd of March. Keep an eye out on our website and social media channels for more updates and details. The future of home security is looking brighter and smarter than ever before.