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Belkin’s Smart Home Brand Wemo Pauses Matter Integration

Wemo Logo and Doorbell ImageWemo Logo and Doorbell Image

Belkin’s subsidiary Wemo takes a break from developing Matter-compatible devices to reevaluate its position in the competitive smart home market.

Wemo, a smart home company owned by Belkin, is known for its range of smart home accessories, such as smart plugs, doorbells, and switches. However, the company has recently decided to suspend the development of products that support Matter, a standard aimed at improving the integration of smart home devices. This move allows Wemo to reassess its strategy and explore ways to set itself apart from the competition.

Jen Wei, Vice President of Global Communications and Corporate Development at Belkin, shared with The Verge that Matter is anticipated to create a “significantly positive impact on the smart home industry.” She also mentioned that the company has chosen to “take a big step back, regroup, and rethink” its approach to smart home technology.

Currently, Wemo offers products that utilise Thread, a wireless protocol that is compatible with Matter and provides local control for smart home devices. However, these products are not expected to receive Matter support for now.

Backed by Apple and other industry leaders, Matter is designed to foster better integration between smart home devices. By collaborating with existing protocols such as HomeKit, Matter enables devices from different manufacturers to work together smoothly. This interconnectivity eliminates some of the exclusivity that previously existed within the smart home market, as users are no longer locked into a single company’s ecosystem.

Wemo’s decision to pause Matter development may be driven by the need to introduce distinctive features that keep the brand competitive and differentiate it from its rivals. Although Wemo has not ruled out the possibility of incorporating Matter into its products in the future, the lack of Matter support could lead potential customers to choose smart home devices from other companies.

The challenges Wemo faces in adapting to the evolving smart home market exemplify the broader issues companies confront as they strive to balance offering an open ecosystem with differentiating themselves. As the industry continues to grow, brands like Wemo must develop innovative solutions that cater to consumer demands while maintaining a unique position in the market.