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Google Pixel TabletGoogle Pixel Tablet

Google’s Pixel Tablet: A Close Look at the New Device

In Google’s hardware arsenal, a new addition has arrived – the Google Pixel Tablet. This tablet aims to integrate seamlessly into your life, providing utility both as a handheld device and a home gadget. It brings together Google’s hardware and software capabilities, proposing an updated user experience.

Pixel Tablet: Has a 11-inch display within an aluminum enclosure textured with Google’s unique nano-ceramic coating, designed for entertainment and gaming. It’s paired with a charging speaker dock to keep it charged up and ready to go and becomes a helpful smart home device that you can use hands-free.

Under the Hood and Display

The Pixel Tablet is equipped with the Tensor G2 processor, identical to the one found in the new Pixel Fold, Pixel 7A, and last year’s Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. It has 8GB of RAM and comes with a choice between 128GB and 256GB of storage.

For entertainment, the Pixel Tablet offers an 11-inch display and four built-in speakers, intending to deliver quality audio and visuals. The device is housed in an aluminum enclosure that features a nano-ceramic coating, adding an element of durability and grip.

The tablet offers the Google TV app, which is optimized for the larger screen, alongside other popular apps such as YouTube, Spotify, and Disney+. Google has worked with the Android team to adapt these apps to the larger display of the Pixel Tablet.

Smart Home Integration and AI Features

A unique feature of the Pixel Tablet is its transformation into a smart home hub when docked. In this mode, it provides control over a broad range of smart home devices, including those enabled with Matter. Google’s redesigned Home app is now available on the Pixel Tablet, allowing users to manage smart home devices from the tablet.

The Pixel Tablet also includes AI-powered features and over 50 Google apps optimized for the device, including Google Meet. The latter offers HD video calling and a variety of 360-degree backgrounds. The AI camera technology and Tensor G2 aim to optimize video chats based on the user’s environment.

Pricing and Availability

The Pixel Tablet can be pre-ordered today, bundled with the dock for $499. While it may not be the most affordable tablet on the market, Google seems to have designed it to be a device of regular use rather than one that stays untouched in a drawer.