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Smart Home Matter 1.1Smart Home Matter 1.1

The Connectivity Standards Alliance has unveiled Matter 1.1, a groundbreaking release that’s the result of the collaborative efforts of hundreds of organizations and individuals. This continuously evolving technology is now offering a smoother path for developers, enhancing user experiences, and gearing us all for the next exciting phase of Matter’s journey.

Battery-operated Devices

The Matter 1.1 update brings increased support for a crucial segment of smart home products – Intermittently Connected Devices (ICDs). Often referred to as “sleepy devices,” these primarily include battery-powered devices such as contact, motion, and temperature sensors, door locks, and switches that need to conserve power to maximize their operational efficiency and lifespan. The extended support lessens the chances of a device being reported offline during user or platform interaction. These improvements provide developers with a more straightforward means to optimize their products and craft superior user experiences.

Transparent and User-friendly Tools

Matter’s specification and open-source SDK are publicly accessible, allowing all developers to build from a standardized specification and code base. In response to feedback from early adopters, this release sees the specification being refined for greater clarity and simplicity, making it easier for developers to understand and use.

Effortless Device Certification

The latest updates include advancements in testing automation, making it easier for device makers to pre-qualify their products and meet certification standards. This also benefits Authorized Testing Laboratories (ATLs) by making testing more efficient and thorough.

Support for Intermittently Connected Devices (ICDs)

Matter 1.1 introduces increased support for Intermittently Connected Devices (ICDs). These are battery-powered devices such as sensors, door locks, and switches that need to conserve power for maximum efficiency and lifespan. With these improvements, developers can easily optimize their products and deliver better user experiences.

Since the Matter 1.0 launch in October 2022, the specification has been downloaded 17,991 times, and 1135 new products have been certified by the Alliance. More than 60 members have joined the Alliance since the specification’s release, indicating the growing momentum of Matter.

Developers interested in exploring these enhancements can access the Matter 1.1 specification and the Matter 1.1 SDK Release.

Launch of Interoperability Testing Facility (ITF)

Further accelerating that future, the Alliance announced the launch of its Interoperability Testing Facility (ITF) for Matter products. This facility provides interoperability testing services to members of the Alliance developing Matter products for certification. It includes an extensive range of Matter controllers, hubs, and end devices configured to check the most typical sets of devices and installation configurations found in residential settings. Interop testing goes even further than the specification compliance testing performed for certification purposes. It enables checking of product behavior and user experience in real-life settings with a variety of different products, hubs, and controllers across different brands, and in various network configurations, including mobile apps and controller interactions, providing feedback to device, app, and platform makers, with a goal of enabling increased product quality and an improved user experience. The ITF is located in Portland, Oregon (US), and is staffed by Alliance personnel. Members may utilize these facilities by booking slots to attend in person, witness interop testing, or send their products to be tested in their absence. To book a slot, please email your request to The ITF also provides a testing environment for Zigbee products.

What’s Next?

Since the launch of Matter 1.0 in October 2022, there have been 17,991 downloads of the specification, with 1135 new products receiving certification from the Alliance. The impressive momentum of Matter has led to over 60 new members joining the Alliance post the specification’s launch. These numbers signify a clear trajectory towards an envisioned future of IoT, where Matter aims to address challenges related to security, connectivity, innovation, complexity, and trust.

The launch of Matter 1.1 marks the start of a new phase in Matter’s evolution. The creators are already working on the next version, which will introduce new features and device type support. For companies interested in contributing to Matter, they can join the Connectivity Standards Alliance and the Matter Working Group.

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