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The Future of Smart Home Connected Cars: HomeLink Connect Integration

HomeLink Smart Home Connected CarHomeLink Smart Home Connected Car

HomeLink Connected Smart Home

Home automation just got even more convenient with the integration of HomeLink Connect® into connected vehicles. HomeLink Connect is a versatile and reliable in-vehicle home automation system that allows users to control an ever-expanding list of home automation functions from their car.

HomeLink Connect is an all-new home automation app that pairs with the vehicle and allows drivers to operate home automation devices from the vehicle’s center console display. Drivers of HomeLink Connect compatible vehicles will be able to download and configure the app to control a myriad of individual home automation devices, or set up entire home automation “scenes.” HomeLink Connect is an extension of Gentex’s popular HomeLink feature, which consists of in-vehicle buttons that can be programmed to operate radio-frequency controlled devices like garage doors and security gates. More than 80 million HomeLink-equipped vehicles are on the road today. By adding cloud-based wireless control to HomeLink’s traditional RF functionality, the feature stands to remain the industry’s most versatile, reliable, and comprehensive in-vehicle home automation system. It also opens the feature to new markets and new users by providing an ever-expanding number of use cases.

With the ability to set up multiple home automation “scenes,” HomeLink Connect simplifies the process of controlling various functions at once. The system has partnered with top home automation brands to ensure compatibility and continued expansion of the list of compatible products.

Garage Door Programming

One of the standout features of HomeLink Connect is its Connected Training interactive garage door programming that is made possible by mirror-integrated Bluetooth® technology. Once your Bluetooth-enabled HomeLink mirror is paired to your phone, the app will walk you through the garage door programming process. Programming your HomeLink buttons has never been easier!

For non-Bluetooth mirrors, HomeLink Connect provides step-by-step instructions to to program/reprogram a button or reset your HomeLink device.

With the ability to program up to 18 custom scenes, HomeLink Connect provides complete car-to-home automation at the touch of a button. Download the mobile app to configure digital and physical in-vehicle buttons and experience the future of smart homes today.


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