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Nanoleaf 4D: The Smart Light Kit That Brings Your TV to Life”

NanoLeaf 4d Starter KitNanoLeaf 4d Starter Kit

Nanoleaf, the company known for its innovative smart home lighting, has announced some new devices for 2023. All of the new products are designed to work with Matter, a smart home protocol that allows for seamless connectivity between different brands’ devices.

One of the most impressive new releases, debuted at CES, is the Nanoleaf 4D, a smart light kit with a built-in camera that can monitor the display of your TV. The device creates an immersive lighting experience in your room by syncing its colors to what’s on your TV screen. It’s a clever and show-stopping feature that’s perfect for anyone who wants to take their entertainment setup to the next level.

Nanoleaf’s products are renowned for their modular designs, energy efficiency, and beautiful aesthetic. The Nanoleaf 4D is no exception and is sure to be a popular addition to the Nanoleaf family.

Expected to launch in Q2 of this year, the Nanoleaf 4D TV Smarter Kit comes in different length options to suit TVs between 55-65 inches and 65-85 inches. Whether you’re a movie buff, gamer, or just love immersive lighting, the Nanoleaf 4D TV Smarter Kit is a game-changing addition to your entertainment setup.

The complete kit is simple to set up, with a high resolution camera that can be used either under or above your TV, and an addressable Lightstrip for behind the TV. And go beyond the screen with Sync+ technology—virtually linking all of your Nanoleaf lights to extend the 4D mirror effect across all devices. Camera includes a cover for lens protection and peace of mind when not in use.

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