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Google Home App Adds Xbox Support


Google Home app adds touch remote control feature for Xbox consoles

You can now use the Google Home app as a touch remote control for the Xbox console. Since 2019, you’ve been able to control the Xbox console using voice commands with Google Assistant. Xbox has now partnered with Google so that you can use the Google Home app as a touch remote control for your Xbox console.

Now, when you add your Xbox console to your Google Home app, you’ll be able to easily turn your console on and off, navigate on-screen, control media playback, and more. You can use the Google Home app to command your Xbox like you do for other Smart Home devices.

To get started:

Go to the Google Home app on your phone, pull down to refresh your devices and tap on your Xbox console to bring up the touch controls

Remote control features include:

power on/off, directional navigation, navigate home, navigate back, play/pause, skip/previous, volume up/down, mute/unmute, and record game clip.